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Achievement Centre for Texas:

The Achievement Center of Texas is a licensed non-profit day care and day habilitation center for children and adults with special needs. We make every effort to offer families services that support those children wherever possible. In providing a wide range of services in the least restrictive environment, students at the Achievement Center can grow and develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. At our center, they work toward greater independence and a more satisfying way of life.

Programs Provided Include:

Arts Exploration, Behavior Management, Communications, Community Inclusion, Day Care, Day Habilitation, Volunteer Pre-employability Skills Training Program, Life Skills Lab, Milo the Robot for Autism, Sensory Motor Training Lab.

Services Include Peanut Gallery Daycare, Kimono Dragons, Shining Stars, Chameleons, TLC – Tender Loving Care, Rockin’ Robbins and Sunshine Club. More information about each of these is listed on our website.

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