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We are a pediatric dental office that provides traditional dentistry and orthodontics. Our specialty is helping those with in the special needs community by providing in office and hospital sedation.

Children with special needs such as Autism, Sensory Integration, Down Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, and children who are simply shy, anxious and uncomfortable, can present challenging issues while in the dental setting.

Our team approach is very compassionate and gentle as we set aside one Wednesday morning each week that allows Dr. Healey and his staff much more time to interact and treat our special friends.

Our practice techniques may include separating a dental cleaning over two visits so as to not overwhelm the child. They may even receive a “goody bag” filled with tools to role play at home and then return for a much less stressful visit! Restorative dentistry may require safe, in-office conscious sedation without the use of a papoose board, and parents are with their child through the entire visit. Dr. Healey is board certified and has an active staff membership since 1982 at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for a child who may need to be sleeping through extensive or difficult dental procedures. Dr. Healey also has a close working relationship with the areas top pediatric sub-specialists and pediatricians to ensure the safest and most comprehensive care for children with serious medical conditions such as cardiac problems, organ transplants and cancer.

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