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CANDRADIMUKA SPECIAL NEEDS SCHOOL is a school that specifically handles children with special needs and aims to develop student independence to raise smart and skilled students and prioritise a mature socialisation process towards the surrounding environment.

1. Curriculum
The standard curriculum of Candradimuka Special Needs School is the curriculum for SD, SMP and SMK (with 1 major, namely graphic design) Normal and Local Curriculum (packaged according to the level of ability of students) compiled by the Candradimuka Special Needs School curriculum team.

2. Acceleration Program (Accelerated Learning)
Namely program services intended for excellent students to be able to jump to a higher class.

3. Academic Therapy Program
Namely the service of an individual material deepening program intended for students who have difficulties in classical learning.

4. Integration/Out-of-School Learning Program
namely learning and socializing program services in other schools or certain places according to the theme created by the school (implemented four times a year) intended for junior high school students in grades VII to IX and special classes (elementary level) with the aim of increasing independence, responsibility , socialization, emotional maturity and understanding of the environment and rules.


1. Classical - Individual
Providing classical learning materials, but also providing individual learning needs services

2. Active Learning
Concentration of learning activities focuses on student activity.

3. Quantum Learning
In order to obtain optimal learning outcomes, the delivery is carried out in a simple, interesting, creative and fun way.

4. Assembly
An activity program with a cheerful atmosphere to show students' creativity in learning, in order to increase students' confidence and courage

5. Field Trip
Visits to learning objects are in accordance with the theme, so that students get real information.

1. Religious Education
2. Understanding
3. Skills
4. Build Yourself
5. Development of interests and talents
6. Computer

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