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At Eaton Arrowsmith, students complete a series of cognitive exercises to help them strengthen their brains and address the weaknesses that cause their learning disabilities and difficulties.

Our schools operate on the science of neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to strengthen over time with targeted training. This sets us apart from other schools for students with learning disabilities. We don’t teach kids, teens and adults to work around their weaknesses. Instead, we help them address them.

Over a 40+ year history, Arrowsmith graduates have returned to public and private schools and the workforce with an increased capacity to learn. Our students go on to complete university degrees, find employment in their chosen fields and pursue their dreams.

Eaton Arrowsmith works collaboratively to ensure the wellbeing and safety of our students through Nonviolent Communication, mindfulness practices, and the importance of strong community relationships, which foster a safe school environment. We strongly believe that every student deserves an education free from discrimination, bullying, harassment, intimidation and violence. Our goal is to create a community where each child feels safe, accepted and respected, regardless of their gender, race, culture, religion or sexual orientation.

Eaton Arrowsmith staff members have received ERASE (Expect Respect & a Safe Education) training and implement and support the use of this important program in our schools.

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