Guiding child development of speech, language and social communication skills

Navigating a child’s unique speech and language needs may feel overwhelming to any parent. Our speech language pathologists, based in Atlanta, Georgia team with families all over the southeast and the world to guide them in overcoming speech, language and social communication impairments that their children face.

As communication specialists, we coach both the parent, a child’s most important speech and language model, and the child. For most children, communication develops when purposeful parents and caregivers create meaningful interactions for a child’s speech and language exploration in daily life.

When communication development is delayed, it is essential for adult guides to create positive daily interactions in real world activities where children can test and try their emerging skills. This is especially critical for children on the autism spectrum. To encourage growth in children with speech and language disorders or autism spectrum disorders, our speech language pathologists teach parents the “what, when, where, and how” of communication so what is learned in the child’s therapy can be used every day with the family.


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