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LDAC is a national, non-profit organization founded in 1963 and incorporated in 1971. The organization works with and supports the provincial and territorial associations as the national voice for persons with learning disabilities and those who support them.

LDAC is dedicated to having individuals with learning disabilities:

  • function as full citizens;
  • develop to their potential; and
  • be recognized for their varied and significant contributions.

LDAC accomplishes its goals through research, education, and public awareness about the nature and impact of learning disabilities. Through collaboration, communication and partnership, we strive to catalyze the many efforts of people and organizations working within the Canadian learning disabilities network.

LDAC has long provided national leadership in the shaping of public policy and federal legislation, working effectively to ensure that the voices of individuals with learning disabilities are heard by those in the federal government.

We are committed to working in partnership with other organizations that share our values. Over the years, LDAC has actively participated in several coalitions, advisory groups and federal task forces, and presented at several Federal Parliamentary Standing Committees (Finance, Justice, Environment, Health, etc) on issues concerning the impact of federal policy changes and programming on Canadians with learning disabilities. These presentations have been critical in helping the organization successfully inform public policy in a number of priority areas including health, justice, prevention, income support, employment, literacy, research, advocacy, children at risk, and post-secondary education.

For the first time in its history, LDAC took the unprecedented step of applying for intervener status in a human rights case. This unusual step was necessary when it determined that legal judgments and principles might be established that would assist LDAC in achieving its mission.

Moore V BC (Ministry of Education) & School District 44
The Learning Disabilities Association of Canada (LDAC) has participated in the Moore case as an intervener at every level from the Tribunal to the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) – a period of 12 years. It was a long journey to justice, but the lives of many will be changed forever as a result of the Court’s pronouncements in this case on November 9, 2012.

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