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MINDS aspires to be a world-class social service agency that advances the aspirations, development, and well-being of persons with intellectual disabilities and their integration into society.


Our mission is to empower and improve the quality of life of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (PWIDs) and their families and improve the quality of life for PWIDs by forging strong families, bridging them with the community and growing the movement to champion and advocate for PWIDs.

Children's Services include Schools, Special Student Care Centre, Residential Services Mindville @ Napiri Children's Wing,

Services for Adults include: Support Employment Programme, Social Enterprise Programme, Open Employment Programme, Training & Development Centres (TDCs), Residential Services, Home-Based Care Services, MINDS Me Too! Club

Services for Caregivers include: Respite Care, Caregiver Workshops & Trainings, Case Management Service, MINDS Care Circle.

Other Services include: Appropriate Adult Service, Befriending Services, Specialised Courses and Workshops, Research, ‘Our Lives, Our Voices’ Self-Advocacy Programme

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