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My name is Susan Gakwavu, the Founder of NEW LIFE AUTISM FOUNDATION RWANDA 🇷🇼 a resident of California for the last 17years. I am a behavioral therapist/ technician by profession and a mother of 3 boys.
After years of working with special needs Children (Autism) in Los Angeles I discovered they human dignity is the foundation upon which every action, program or service is built.
There is a saying that goes, “Together we can brighten the future of persons with autism.”
Growing up I had a sister who developed a mental illness and watched my mother struggle to take care of her. She eventually past away at a young age. That incident had a profound impact on me and from there on I promised to be part of the solution when I grow up.
Throughout my days of autism training and getting to know the strengths and challenges of children and families that I worked with; I developed a special bond, love and care for the special needs children and its upon this background that I came up with an idea of expanding my training to help those afflicted with the same condition in  Rwanda 🇷🇼 Easter Africa.

New Life Autism Foundation Rwanda , we provide exciting opportunity for children and adult with special needs to access professional program with activities that enhance engagement, participation and development of skills.

Our main goal to special needs children and adult is to Educate,train and empower their lives . Together we can ignite hearts and open minds, so everyone gets an opportunity to shine in this world .

we still have challenges as many families here in Rwanda can’t afford therapies and that’s why we are looking forward to get more partners who can support our Rwandan community so that Majority of Special needs children and adult can get the said services.

Thank you .

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