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ProEducation School (ProEd) in Umalas, Kerobokan, Bali, is an inclusive, non-formal international school providing differentiated instruction for primary to high school students (Grades 1 to 13). We cater to multiple learning preferences and differences for both mainstream students and those with additional needs.

Approach To Learning
We take a student-centred approach to education, with small class sizes and individualised timetables. The excellent teacher to student ratio of 1:6, in mainstream classes, ensures all of our students are engaged in their learning, and are supported as appropriate.

Our educators focus on individual learning needs, and developing the whole child.  Our teachers work alongside our specialists to ensure that each child’s specific needs are addressed, and they are learning from a differentiating curriculum if necessary.


ProEd follows the prodigious British Curriculum and students receive international accreditation through EdExcel, Primary School Achievement test, IGCSE and A Levels. In addition, we provide the internationally accredited ASDAN curriculum for those with additional learning needs, as well as The Duke of Edinburgh's Youth Award. Our curriculums are combined and tailored to create the students timetable which builds on our students strengths, whilst supporting their needs.

Teaching Staff

We have a fantastic team of National and International Teachers and Specialists. We are also proud of our  continual program of professional development, to ensure best-practice is always being incorporated in our classrooms. ProEd teachers attend professional development seminars on a regular basis and are always incorporating new teaching practices, and strategies to ensure effective learning. Our teachers are highly trained in areas such as communication, well-being and curriculum differentiation, and this ensures we have more than just classroom teachers, we have expert educators.

Specialist Support Team

ProEd provides a team of specialists to meet our students’ diverse requirements: a Speech and Language Therapist, an Occupational Therapist, a Counsellor, a Case Manager Coordinator, and a Curriculum Coordinator. In addition to this, we provide private multidisciplinary tutors who work alongside students to achieve short and long term goals.

We deliver therapy through an integrated treatment approach, called Packages of Care. This ensures therapy is delivered throughout the school day, across multiple different settings. From 1:1, to group work or even classroom-based therapy sessions, this best-practice approach to specialist targets aims to generalise new skills across all environments.

Our teachers, specialists and tutors work collaboratively with parents and caregivers, and the wider Bali community to ensure that ProEd students exceed their potential.


We approach students with kindness and respect, we foster meaningful relationships with everyone in our school community. Nourishing our students’ intellectual, physical, social and emotional well-being is our top priority. The ProEducation Plus team engages all students in a high quality modern environment with access to a range of technology and multi-sensory resources, as well as a Library and IT Resource Centre.

Visit ProEducation School’s unique campus, located on Bali’s beautiful southwest coast between Seminyak and Canggu, to find out how our school community can benefit your child.

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