Puzzle was founded by Sofia Christakis, a Special Education teacher in N.Y.C with a decade of experience. Her mission is to spread inclusion and neurodiversity amongst children and families. Puzzle is a fully inclusive space welcoming children of all abilities. The programs are :

1. Adult and me Yoga (from ages 0-4 Only) Adult and children alike will participant in yoga streches and movements guided  by our charismatic and engaging yoga instructor.

2. Fiddle foxes Music Class (from age 0-4 Only) During the winter months, fiddle foxes will hosting a music class for adults and children to take together.

3. Open Play Children love to have the freedom and space to explore. In open play, the can play board games, color, engage in movement activities and more, all the while learning valueable social interaction  skills, like turn-taking. All children are welcome! Compassion and acceptance are the pillars of our mission.

4. Little Einsteins Science has never been fun! The children get to perform hands-on science experiments that are multysensory in nature. This approach allows learning opputunities in severaal ways, because we know all children are unique in their expression and learning style. Lots of social interaction happens throughout the whole class. and many more.


Astoria, Queens, NY, USA

Open hours today: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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