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Safe in Austin's story began long before the barn, the livestock, or the land,

but with a dog appropriately named Angel.

Our family had always loved animals, and it wasn't until she joined our pack, that we would understand just how miraculous the love of an animal could be!

At a time when my son was struggling the most with his Autism,

into our lives came our discount superhero dog.

When we found her, Angel was deemed untrainable and was featured at a deep discount.

We'd soon come to find that Angel just needed a family to embrace her true potential to thrive.

She would become our son's Autism Service Dog, the dog who would change our world.

Right before our eyes and without question, she provided protection from his fears,

she was a friend to cuddle through the tears, and she gave him newfound confidence.

But, most importantly, he now had power over his disabilities.

Angel was a miracle who transformed our lives with unconditional love,

and in her honour we live our lives as a judgement-free zone!

In 2014 we purchased a run-down ranch and have been ever-renovating to accommodate a safe haven for the broken, abused, neglected, and forgotten animals who continue to give us hope.

Healing can be hard and scary, but animals can show us the way!


- Jamie Wallace-Griner, Founder

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