ABA is a discipline that employs objective data to drive decision-making about an individual’s program. That is, data is collected on responses made by the individual to determine if progress is being made or not; if there is no progress under a particular intervention, we need to reevaluate the program and change it so that the child begins to make progress.

1. Our consultants talk with you to determine what your goals are for your child.
2. Each child or youth is then given an assessment to see what skills he/she already has.
3. We will then create individualized programs that suit the goals discussed.
4. Programs are then taught using Applied Behaviour Analysis with our experienced therapists.
5. Programs and learned behaviours are generalized to new environments, people and stimuli.


What does programming look like?

  • Based on the assessment of your child's needs, we will develop a program that is specific to them
  • This program may include communication skills like requesting items(mand), labelling items(tact), and conversational skills(intraverbal). If your child is not vocal, we will teach an alternative method of communication like PECS® (Picture Exchange Communications System) or Proloquo® to go using an iPad or other such device.
  • Self-help skills - dressing, toileting, feeding etc.
  • Motor imitation and other play skills like turn-taking to help develop social interaction.
  • Eye contact is crucial for social communication.
  • Listener skills - following directions, responding to others, making discrimination

Again, each program will be geared toward the areas where your child needs help. Together we will decide on the goals that are relevant to your child and your family's needs.

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