Healing Trauma and Embracing Your Life

Trauma clouds every aspect of your being. Leaving you either numb and shut down or agitated and on alert. Human life is stressful and traumatic. Most people have experienced a traumatic event or relationship that betrayed them.

What makes the difference is how you recover, and the kind of supports you have in your life.

When you experience trauma, abuse or neglect when you are young, the consequences run deep. You have fewer inner resources to deal with the impact, which can lead to unhealthy ways of dealing with the pain, such as addictions, self-harm, destructive relationships, isolation.

When we have safe and secure relationships, we can process traumatic experiences and restore our natural instincts.

Do you find that your reactions don't make sense or seem out of proportion? This is because trauma binds your energy, leaving you frozen in the past, affecting how you respond now. When you release this energy, you can develop resilience, a deeper connection with yourself and others, and live more fully in the present.

At Turning Point Therapy we understand the importance of creating a safe and secure relationship with you, which is the foundation for trauma recovery. We provide therapy that addresses all aspects of mind and body.


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