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Keeping your teeth healthy is essential for a happy life. That’s why West Coast Dental of Los Angeles offers the finest family dental care in Los Angeles, CA. By trusting your oral health to our team, you and your entire family can enjoy beautiful, vibrant smiles at a rate you can afford.

It is our goal to help you and your family develop good oral hygiene habits while also giving you the confidence to smile freely. We accomplish this with regular exams and cleanings, along with the latest high-end technology, including:

Intraoral cameras
IChairside oral scanners
IDigital X-ray systems
In addition to providing our high-quality service, we also strive to make your dental visit as affordable as possible. That is why we accept most forms of insurance, including HMO, PPO, indemnity, and government-sponsored plans. If you don’t have insurance, then we also offer the Dental Alliance Discount Plan.

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