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YAMA Foundation is a registered charity whose mission is to make yoga, art, and meditation accessible to underserved and disadvantaged communities in Hong Kong.

YAMA Foundation believes that all people have their fundamental right to feel good in their bodies, feel peaceful in their minds, live colourful lives, and be part of a caring community - regardless of their background or ability.
Our mission is to provide equitable access to yoga, art, and meditation so that our students can develop self-acceptance and self-reliance to improve their quality of life. We share our skills with compassion, that students may realise their unique strengths, and positively contribute to the world.
Our outreach programmes serve Hong Kong's most vulnerable communities, including people with disabilities, special needs, or chronic illness, and extend to hospices, prisons, social service organisations, schools, charities, and other non-profit organisations.

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    • dariaksu
      April 21, 2021 at 5:09 am

      YAMA Foundation is an amazing team of people dedicated to improving live of the community and bringing practices of yoga and meditation to everyone. We have been going for special needs yoga classes for 2 years and my autistic son absolutely loves it!
      I myself found it incredibly helpful to attend their weekly classes on a donation basis to stay grounded, supported and positive.

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