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My name is Nicci Fay Niselow,

I completed studying to become a teacher in 2016, and specialized in teaching special needs and paraplegic children. During my studies, I found that there was an opportunity to further the educational, psychological, and behavioral needs of these children and I started to research alternative teaching methods that could benefit the incredible kids I taught. Yoga it was!

Yoga is used as a calming tool and through meditational exercises and movement. It has shown positive results in the development of young adults. I couldn't ignore the benefits yoga could have for the children and that is when I completed my goal of becoming a yoga instructor.

The benefits of yoga for children help them to concentrate longer during long school hours and assisting them to help refocus their ability to learn when going off into another world of their imaginations.

I have developed a course designed specifically to assist special needs and paraplegic children in learning how to control their mental and emotional states, breathing and focusing exercises, gross motor skill development, fine motor skill, core strength exercises, and to help those with physical disabilities in the careful use and release of specific muscle groups, encouraging movement and enjoyment.

Through my success I have taught many children ranging from the ages of 2 – 18-year-olds coming from many schools around Johannesburg or even just a private class in the comfort of your home, each child enjoys the classes that are provided making them fun and exciting to learn more.

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