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Our Story

How the journey began

From dawn to dusk, sunrise to sunset, a nursing mother’s workload never ends. Raising a child is challenging; fostering a child with a special need is much more. That means, for every attention bestowed on a typical child, our adorable little heroes need much more.

In 2013-2014, my son was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), known for short as autism. With little knowledge about this health condition, I was thrown off balance. I have heard quite a lot of intriguing stories about raising kids with disabilities, but I never experienced one until I had my baby. Living in China complicated the situation. I was emotionally and psychologically disrupted, knowing there were a few resources to tend to my baby conveniently.

Unlike the US and other European countries, China had little provision for unique children like my boy. The schooling system had no facilities specially designed for him. I had no access to medical practitioners specially trained to help special kids like him.

Resources like parental guidance and community support would have gone a long way to help, but it was almost non-existent. That compounded my misery; the trouble was unending, the frustration never ceasing. I had no access to Google in China since using the search engine is prohibited. Thus, there was no way to get external help. Moreover, I just couldn’t find the resources I needed within the country. To worsen the situation, every available information I got my hands on was written in Chinese.

In search of a lasting solution.

I moved to a different location a couple of times. With every movement came a forceful readjustment to adapt to the environment that suits my son’s needs. So, I had to build my database and get information afresh. I rescheduled my activities to match every new location. Being alone in this situation was heartbreaking. I was helpless and hopeless at the same time.

In all the challenges that came with taking care of my son, I pondered how beneficial it would be for parents like me to have all the information they need readily available. Sometimes, I would be lost in thought, wondering if there are other parents in dire need of help like me. I felt my story was the worst until I started mingling with other wonderful parents caring for kids with special needs. Then, it dawned on me that I was not alone. To every struggle I had gone through, some were going through the double. Our combined stories of despair, frustration, and loneliness invoked an emotion within me. An irresistible desire to be a solution to every challenge parents in my shoe face. Thus, I compiled all information and resources I have used over time.

My discoveries about parents’ needs rekindled the glowing fire in me. My desire to be a solution grew. Information should be accessible for every parent like me at all times. It doesn’t matter whether they are traveling, in need of immediate medical assistance, or require a center for kids with special needs.

Consequently, Little Heroes was born out of the desire to be a solace for parents with kids who have special needs. Through others’ support, we have built an online community where parents and carers of kids with special needs can collaborate, network, and support one another.

What we stand for.

Little Heroes is a platform built to raise awareness about special needs. Our primary goal is to open a window of learning and communication between parents with kids who have developmental differences. We are passionate about providing parents with the resources and information they need to seek immediate intervention. We want to show them how to personally work with kids while dishing out useful information on finding specialists who help special kids. More so, I aim to build interpersonal relationships between special needs parents. They deserve a community where they will not feel alone. We all need a place where our little heroes will make steady improvements with every resource we offer.

Do you want to partner with us?

Are you a service provider or caregiver of children with special needs? Do you have any products or services that can make life enjoyable for our adorable kids? Why don’t you show us what you offer, and we will be glad to connect you with our amazing parents?
I sincerely appreciate the input of everyone who believed in Little Heroes when it was just an idea. Thank you for your faith in me. I just want you to know that we wouldn’t have come this far without your selfless support and the confidence you had in me. Thank you for your loving help; I am immensely grateful.

Yours sincerely,